Take Action

A few minutes of your time can make a lifetime of difference for wildlife in jeopardy. Taking action means you’re ensuring decision-makers hear your call for solutions to protect and restore our natural world. Every voice counts—and together, our unified voice sends a powerful message. Join us in taking action for wildlife today.
pygmy rabbit
Restore Habitat for the Pygmy Rabbit

Pygmy rabbits depend on a healthy sagebrush ecosystem for their survival. President Biden’s infrastructure plan to get Americans back to work restoring these natural landscapes would be a win for wildlife and provide good-paying jobs. Please urge your elected officials to invest in restoration of natural landscapes to help wildlife, rural economies, and to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

American kestrel flying.
Take Action for Wildlife in Crisis

Up to one-third of America’s fish and wildlife species are at risk or in decline, with thousands of species losing ground quickly. Tell your senators and representative in Congress to save America’s vulnerable wildlife by supporting the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.

bobolink bird
Lend Your Voice for Grassland Habitats

Over the last decade alone, millions of acres of grasslands in North America have been converted to cropland and lost to residential and commercial development. This is bad news for wildlife that rely on native grasslands and prairies for nesting and breeding. Please tell Congress to conserve and restore America’s native grasslands and sagebrush shrub-steppe while supporting ranchers, farmers, Tribal Nations, and rural communities.

monarch butterflies
Add Your Name for Monarch Butterflies

A primary cause of monarch decline is habitat loss. Monarchs need blooming native wildflowers, trees and shrubs which provide nectar for the adult butterflies to feed upon, as well as native milkweed plants that are the sole food source for monarch caterpillars.

Red wolf
Show Endangered Red Wolves You’re On Their Team

We are about to lose a species. The number of red wolves in the wild has dwindled to fewer than 20 as red wolf recovery and reintroduction efforts have all but been abandoned over the past several years. Red wolves are the most endangered wolf on earth. Please urge Secretary Haaland to commit to recovering a self-sustaining and expanding population of red wolves in the wild.

Take Action for Great Blue Heron and Clean Water

From resolutions in Congress and the Environmental Protection Agency to nullify the wildlife-friendly Clean Water Rule, to decisions by state leaders allowing the release of toxic wastewater into rivers, to agencies failing to protect watersheds from contaminated run-off—clean water and healthy habitat has never been at greater risk!

bald eagle flying
Speak Out for a Secure Future for Wildlife

The Build Back Better Act will make the largest investments in climate action in Congress’ history, putting the country squarely on the path to dramatically reduce emissions by 2030. Urge passage of the Build Back Better Act to address climate and save our lands, waters, and wildlife.

Climate Action Petition to Protect Wildlife & People

The devastation from extreme winter storms that swept our nation did not have to happen. As the climate crisis causes more extreme weather, call on our leaders to ensure proper investment in resilient infrastructure and weatherized equipment to ride out future events, and to protect lives and livelihoods.

Protect Piping Plovers: Support Climate-Smart Infrastructure

Investment in our nation’s infrastructure is long overdue – including restoration of our “natural infrastructure” like coastal dunes, which provide wildlife habitat and buffer coastal communities from storm surge and sea level rise. Wildlife need our leaders to invest in natural and other climate-smart infrastructure.

Salmon migrating upriver
Tell Congress: Save Our Endangered Wild Salmon

Wild salmon and steelhead are invaluable to our Northwest Tribes, ecosystems, anglers, and fishing guides—but their populations are dwindling. Rep. Earl Blumenauer just stepped up to support Rep. Mike Simpson’s innovative plan to restore the region’s abundant salmon runs and modernize access to affordable energy, agriculture, and transportation. Tell your members of Congress to save endangered wild salmon today.

Northern goshawk in nest
Take Action for Hawks and Wild Forests

The northern goshawk thrives in expansive, dense forests—which make our national forests crucial habitat for this secretive species. But massive wildfires, invasive pests, and disease are depleting America’s wild forests. The newly introduced REPLANT Act would quadruple investments to plant 1.2 billion trees across more than 4 million acres of our national forests over the next 10 years. Speak out now in support of the REPLANT Act!

Speak Out for Moose and Climate Action

Longer warm periods, shorter winters and less snow in moose habitat is driving a dramatic and dangerous rise in ticks which are infesting more moose—as a result, populations of moose are declining rapidly. If we don’t act now to tackle the climate crisis, temperatures will continue to rise and cause potentially catastrophic conditions for wildlife like the moose.