Take Action

A few minutes of your time can make a lifetime of difference for wildlife in jeopardy. Taking action means you’re ensuring decision-makers hear your call for solutions to protect and restore our natural world. Every voice counts—and together, our unified voice sends a powerful message. Join us in taking action for wildlife today.
Tell Your Members of Congress to be Champions for Wildlife

With a new Congress comes a renewed chance to save America’s vulnerable wildlife and stop the destruction of our wild public lands, healthy waterways and a stable climate. Please add your name to the “Be a Wildlife Champion” cards we will be delivering YOUR representative and YOUR senators, urging them to be champions for wildlife in 2019.

Speak Out for Kingfishers & Healthy Waters: Say NO to Mercury Pollution

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a rule to weaken the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards that limits the release of toxic mercury and other hazardous air pollution from coal-fired power plants. Tell the Environmental Protection Agency to maintain standards to limit toxic mercury pollutionーthe health of wildlife and people depend on these protections!

Take Action to Protect the Great Lakes from Asian Carp

Asian carp are already devastating waters and wildlife habitat connected to the Mississippi River. This invasive species will also certainly undermine the fisheries of the Great Lakes and their connected waters if they’re allowed access to Lake Michigan. Please tell the Army Corps of Engineers you support the plan to stop Asian carp.

Stand with wildlife, oppose the pro-coal plan

The Environmental Protection Agency is selling out to dirty fuel interests and proposing a new rule that will not address the threat of climate change, but will instead put people and wildlife at risk.

The time for climate action is closing. We have no time to go in reverse. Please speak out for all wildlife by telling the Environmental Protection Agency to implement strong climate rules for current and future power plants.

Speak Out for River Otters and Healthy Waterways

Speak out before it’s too late: tell the Environmental Protection Agency and the Corps of Army Engineers that we need to strengthen, not weaken, protections for clean water.

Safeguard Sea Turtles with Economy-Wide Carbon Cuts

One of the most effective ways to reduce carbon pollution—the leading cause of climate change and related sea-level rise—is through pricing carbon throughout all sectors of the economy. Please tell your congressmen and women that it is time to push for economy-wide carbon reductions across the US.

Protect Coastal Wildlife by Opposing More Offshore Drilling

Add your name to stand with coastal state governors in saying no to more offshore drilling and yes to safeguarding coastal wildlife.

Stand up for Wolves and Other Wildlife

The future for wolf recovery across America was put in peril when the House of Representatives voted to remove gray wolves, in every state, from the Endangered Species List. Tell Congress to halt baseless attacks on the Endangered Species Act and support scientific gray wolf conservation.

Urge Congress to Support This Bill That Saves Wildlife

Tell your members of Congress to save America’s vulnerable wildlife by supporting the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.

Take Action for Great Blue Heron and Clean Water

Clean water for great blue heron and all wildlife is in serious jeopardy across the country. Urge your elected leaders to live up to their responsibility to protect wildlife and clean water!

Help Protect America’s Sea Turtles

Call on your member of Congress to protect Sea turtles and other treasured wildlife in the United States and abroad from poaching, wildlife trade, and habitat loss by cosponsoring the WILD Act!

Congress: Step Up and Lead on Climate Action

President Trump’s efforts to abandon climate measures makes it more urgent than ever to call on Congress for legislative solutions to address a changing climate. Take action!

Bring Bison Back to Their Ancestral Home

Millions of wild bison once roamed the Western plains, with herds blanketing the landscapes we now call Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas. Sign the petition to support restoring thousands of wild bison to millions of acres of native prairie habitat on tribal lands.

Tell Congress: NO Attacks on Our Wild National Monuments!

Tell your members of Congress it’s time to stop attacks on our wild national monuments and future presidents’ ability to protect these special places.

Take Action for Migratory Birds

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act will be gutted unless we act. The Act currently protects 1,000 bird species from intentional and preventable harm, such as oil spills, poorly placed transmission lines, and other actions that result in bird deaths. Speak out!

Take the pledge to protect jaguar!

Wildlife like jaguar are on the front lines of habitat destruction. We need companies to set clear guidelines on how they will protect habitat. Signal to companies that you want products that do not harm habitats around the globe!

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