National Wildlife Federation Action Fund Endorses Louisiana Legislative Candidates

National Wildlife Federation Action Fund Endorses Louisiana Legislative Candidates

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 7, 2019) — The National Wildlife Federation Action Fund endorsed 10 candidates for the Louisiana Legislature today, calling their leadership essential for protecting the Bayou State’s wildlife, coasts, waterways, and natural resources for future generations.

The Action Fund endorsed seven candidates for the Louisiana House of Representatives and three candidates for the Louisiana State Senate:

• Rep. Stuart Bishop (R) in House District 43;
• Rep. Paula Davis (R) in House District 69;
• Rep. Stephen Dwight (R) in House District 35;
• Rep. Reid Falconer (R) in Senate District 11;
• Tim Kerner (R) in House District 84;
• Rep. Chris Leopold (R) in House District 105;
• Rep. Rodney Lyons (D) in House District 87;
• Sen. Karen Carter Peterson (D) in Senate District 5;
• Sen. Ed Price (D) in Senate District 2; and,
• Rep. Malinda White (D) in House District 75.

“From the Mississippi River Delta to the state’s wetlands and bottomland hardwood forests, Louisiana is home to critical wildlife and exceptional natural resources,” said Karla Raettig, executive director of the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund. “Conservation has been a bipartisan point of agreement throughout Louisiana’s history and these 10 candidates have shown they are all committed to continuing this tradition to ensure the Bayou State’s clean water, coasts and waterways, and wildlife and biodiversity endure for future generations. We also applaud the sitting legislators for their commitment to the non-political, science-based Coastal Master Plan process for allocating resources to tackle the crisis of coastal wetland loss and we are confident Mayor Kerner will show the same commitment in office.

“The National Wildlife Federation Action Fund is proud to endorse Reps. Bishop, Davis, Dwight, Leopold, Lyons and White; Sens. Carter Peterson and Price; and Senate candidates Falconer and Kerner.”

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The National Wildlife Federation Action Fund (501(c)4) works to raise the visibility of key conservation issues with voters and elected officials. Through grassroots action and focused legislative campaigns, the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund advocates for wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts from all walks of life and political stripes to ensure they have a voice in the democratic process.

To ensure a big tent for our shared conservation values, we remain fiercely bi-partisan and put conservation of our air, water, land and wildlife above political party.  We believe in bi-partisan solutions, and welcome all who are stewards of the earth to join us. We advocate for natural resource protection, wildlife conservation and outdoor education to meet our top goals of protecting wildlife and wild places and connecting people with nature.

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