Biden’s Clean Energy, Environmental Justice, Infrastructure Plans ‘Are Exactly What This Moment Demands’

Joe Biden

WASHINGTON (July 14, 2020) — Vice President Joe Biden laid out comprehensive plans to build a modern sustainable infrastructure and an equitable clean energy future and to secure environmental justice and economic opportunity in a clean energy future. These plans will create millions of good jobs, while confronting the climate crisis.

Collin O’Mara, President and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund, issued the following statement:

“Vice President Biden’s bold, comprehensive solutions are as big as the challenges we face — rebuilding the middle class, confronting the climate crisis, and rooting out structural racism,” said Collin O’Mara, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund. “The Biden infrastructure, clean energy, and environmental justice plans are exactly what this moment demands, notable not only for their ambition, but for how they lay out actionable, immediate solutions. Together, these plans provide a clear road map to put millions of Americans back to work in desperately needed good jobs all across our country modernizing our crumbling infrastructure, deploying clean energy, and restoring natural resources.

“By investing more than $2 trillion in traditional and natural infrastructure built with American materials, we can simultaneously revitalize frontline communities, create good union jobs, rejuvenate American manufacturing, drastically reduce air and water pollution, bolster community resilience, and recover America’s wildlife — all of which will help re-establish America’s global leadership. The National Wildlife Federation Action Fund especially applauds the Vice President’s strong focus on restoring natural resources by employing youth through a 21st century Civilian Climate Corps, reclaiming lands degraded by fossil fuel and mineral extraction, and enhancing conservation on working lands. Enacting the Vice President’s visionary plans will empower all Americans to build the more equitable, just, and sustainable future that we need.”